Your ideal home

How often are you tired of searching and not finding the house of your dreams?
We have properties, we build and we design for you.
You make your request; we take care of everything, from the search of the land plot, to the construction, the design and decoration with the guidance of the best professionals to give you the keys of your new home without headaches.

  • Let your imagination run free.
  • Make your dream home come true.
  • Strike a balance location-property and custom home.
Élite Propiedades Services - Your ideal home

Interior design

From our Studio-Showroom, architects, interior designers and designers project unique spaces.
If the property you are seeing is not of your taste, or you want to update your home for sale, we will prepare a design according to your needs.

  • Integral Works
  • Design of kitchens
  • Small renovations (bathrooms, windows change ...)
  • Props
  • Custom made furniture design
  • Business specialists Full Marketing-Profitability Designs
  • Staging. Home Staging
  • Professional Photographic Reports
Élite Propiedades Services - Interior design

Investments and

The Investments services line relies on a team of professionals that offers a global service to investors and promoters, providing personalized assessment that allows clients to obtain the maximum profitability of their portfolio of assets.

Highlighted Activities:

  • Assessment on investment and divestment projects of all types of real estate assets.
  • Locate investment opportunities in land, commercial premises, hotels and industrial buildings.
  • Marketing and assessment on the sale and purchase of your investments.
  • Advice on specific projects and promotions.
  • Financial, urban planning, legal and marketing consultancy in real estate investments.
  • Accompaniment to the client in each stage of the decision process.
  • Analysis of the market situation and selection of alternatives.
  • Advice in throughout the entire process and legal advisement until acquisition.
  • Seriousness, quality and transparency of our management.
Élite Propiedades Services - Investments

Sell with us

We are an added value to the commercialization of properties with ELITE features in a current market.

  • Unique marketing with maximum profitability.
  • Luxury properties network at national and international levels.
  • National and European Fairs.
  • Market studies.
  • Qualified client demands portfolios.

Exclusive and private headquarters to develop ELITE operations, elegant and discrete as this sector properties and clients demand. Features: private parking, meeting rooms, smart and interactive screens with international communication, real estate agents speaking several languages for international operations.

Élite Propiedades Services - Sell with us

Real estate
market analysis

We are committed to the relationships based on trust, always supported by official and verified data framed with the professionalism we are so proud of, the reason for being a reference company of the sector for so many years. When it comes to real estate assessment reports, profitability, data, notaries and real knowledge of the market the surname "SANFERNANDO" is a seal of guarantee.

Reliability, transparency, and professionalism are the most valuable assets when it comes to assess our clients’ estates.

Our experts provide an assessment together with a market research report covering the economic value, marketing timings, specialized marketing depending on the property and its target market.

Nowadays to sell a property or a business is not enough with just having the intention or will to sell it, it is necessary to know how to do it, and we have been doing it for 22 years. A few data to take into account: Our Real Estate Group is ranked No. 47 of Spain of the 2,056 Companies in the Real Estate Sector; our productivity rates place us in the lead as No. 1 in our region for consecutive years in sales and profits.

If your property is located in this wonderful region and you want to sell it ELITE PROPIEDADES SANFERNANDO will be your best choice!

Élite Propiedades Services - Market analysis

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